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Last week on friday I stumbled (again) upon a small application: WebnoteHappy. It’s a 1.0 version, and in this case it’s not a bad number. Most of the new apps don’t even get out of beta. I started testing this little apps just because of one(!) feature: import, edit and post del.icio.us bookmarks! Well, ok you can import/export your Safari and Firefox bookmarks as well.

I started using this app and missed one little function: to have a global shortcut — while in e.g. NetNewsWire or Safari — to post a link to del.icio.us. I started an e-mail conversation with the developer from WebnoteHappy, and he answered my questions very quick and helpful. And not even this: we started to talk about some improvements as well. To make it short: I think this app could be my next No. 1 in the category “needful things” (and I test a lot!). Btw.: there IS a global shortcut (cmd-shift-D) to get a floating entry/notes window!


  • notes
  • tags
  • del.icio.us support (share/unshare privat)
  • unique “links”
  • 30 days tryout
  • $ 24.95 USD/license
  • friendly developer
  • (more …)

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