When I stumbled upon HoudahSpot at MacZOT.com my first thought was: «I really love that catchy icon, I don’t care what the app is for — I wanna add that icon to my dock!».

After I downloaded that app for a try I knew it would be worth the money it cost. It’s a easy-to-use spotlight «frontend» or «input device». Feed your «what-I-search-for» to HoudahSpot — and it will come back with the results. easy 1-2-3. Really, I tried it and I found one big (huge, heavy) sound file I really missed (I searched by size).

Btw.: If you’re reading this on June 16-17, 2006 head over to MacZOT, you might be able to get a free or at least very price reduced copy of HoudahSpot.

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