I like ilike

First I was happy with last.fm. It analyzes what I play via iTunes, makes musical suggestions, post my current playing song info to my blog (not working right now and I don’t know why. no time to check/fix it). anyway. the site/service itself is in my opinion not really a plus for me. no really new music for me. all of the suggestions I already knew and had mostly in my archive.


then there was light: iLike. early beta. web 2.0 (harhar). well, no API for putting the played tracks to a site (via rss or whatever), yet. maybe later? — but again: early beta (and if you take a look at the url not even a beta more a alpha). The best: musical suggestions to new music — more or less unknown artists — AND free (legal) downloadable mp3s. free. music. and the suggestions fit 90%. i like it. add the rss feature and I’ll love it.

UPDATE:My «What I’m listening to» is working again. Check it out, new music, unknown artists.

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