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and there is sorrow again

כ״ח בטבת תשס״ח

28th 27th of Tevet, 5768 (yesterday two days ago) : my grandmother passed away. 81 years. great-grandmother. grandmother. mother. we gonna miss her.

note: I had to correct this entry.

workspace description

cem ask for it – here it is (again): Continue reading ‘workspace description’

10 minutes scan time

Today we started the digitizing of Otfried Rosts paintings. Hi-Tech overkill. Salvadore scanback by Anagramm on a 4 x 5″ Plaubel camera. Around 440 MB per scan. 16bit by 3 = 48bit. 312 MegaPixel. 10 minutes scan time. Continue reading ’10 minutes scan time’

Not in my name (spam)

Today at 10.10 it started. I received hundreds of “Delivery Failure” e-mails. I talked to my hoster and he told me about: Continue reading ‘Not in my name (spam)’

and there is sorrow

yesterday my father-in-law died. otfried rost. 80 years. great man, husband, father, grandfather and artist. his art was and still is inspiring — his website an already started future project.

Flamenco Dancer

alive! alive? alive!

yes, i’m alive. worked hard. did a wedding “corporate” design (early examples at f.), some (re-)design (champions-world), some blog design (katharina suckale, online very soon), a printed portfolio for sk74, consulting and preparation for a big re-design (secret). and still doing the planning for my own biggest projects: one w/ words and one w/ images – but it’s a long way to go; numbers? around 200 and around 2500. curious? harhar!

besides the virtual world i did some woodwork: new desktop construction/extension and a monitor+macmini stand … photos: later.

footnote: ben, our time is august.

some images

created w/: flickrSLiDR.

Johnny Rides

Aaahhh. Yes. I wrote a while ago about my favorite Rockabilly Band from Berlin – Lota Red.

Now, they have a very early song to download. «Johnny Rides», only released on vinyl until now, is ready to get downloaded only for a limited time: it ends July, 15th 2007.

Hurry, quick, run and get it: Lota Red.

silence, not death

still kicking pixels. still moving bits and bytes. still things to do offline. still no time to get bigger entries done. still some drafts here, not finished. ’bout adobe, ’bout apple and ’bout the combination and power.

don’t forget the flickr incidents – and the exodus. should I stay or should I go?

besides that: finally I need to get my showroom filled, and my static pages into english (Ben, what about next week?).

short info what I do right now: 3 logos to build and at least three web-projects not finished nor ready to take off. time. click clack – too fast. it’s all about time.

sooner or later I’ll be back. hopefully sooner. arrgghh.

pixel panorama late night conversation


[playing w/ bad quality]