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late in october

Update: The icon portfolio IS online and the others will follow begin of november.

now this site is minted

mmmh, yummy. it’s a pleasure to see who, when, with what and where from all my visitors com. i love mint!

grrr! error!

Sorry, from time to time — when I try to switch «themes» from «k2b1r77» to «k2b1r90» — I receive a «Fatal Error»

Example needed? Here we go: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare k2info() (previously declared in /kunden/guerrillaz.net/websites/bureaublumenberg/journal/wp-content/themes/k2/k2options.php:11) in /kunden/guerrillaz.net/websites/bureaublumenberg/journal/wp-content/themes/k2betaoner-73/k2options.php on line 11

thank god kimili

Yesterday — after fighting with the matters of sizes and colors of SimpleViewer — I dealt with the idea to get rid of the «static» pages — holding parts of about and all of the portfolios. I realized I had to go too deep into the WP template-structure to have a working portfolio implementation — because of the flash-based functions of the nice SimpleViewer. So it was time to dig a little and to do some research. And there it was. Bingo! A WP plug-in called Kimli Flash Embed. And after putting «1 + 1 = 2» together — don’t forget to define inside the kml_flashembed-tag the absolute path to the «gallery» XML-file like fvars="xmlDataPath = http://yoursite.com/gallery/imageData.xml" plus the absolute pathname to «images» and «thumbs» in the imageData.xml inside the gallery-folder of the SimpleViewer-installation — it’s working! No static pages at all!

And now I have plenty of ideas to build WP galleries which are remotely get triggered and filled by mobile devices eg. phones with integrated cameras.

Anyway, my portfolios are waiting for food — I got to go now. And. Do. Some. More. Work.

Stop! Pause!

Da es zu Problemen bei der Suchfunktion kam — sämtliche durch die Suche erzeugten «Seiten» beinhalteten nichtklickbare Links — war es unumgänglich das Update für K2 aufzuspielen : K2 beta 1 release 73.


  • Offensichtlich liefert die Suche jetzt «nutzbare» Ergebnisse.


Da ich es nicht lassen konnte direkt am «Theme» sind jetzt folgende Funktion nicht verfügbar:

  1. Portfolios sind wieder verfügbar; JavaScript wieder eingebaut ‣ header.php : line#53 … openwindow.js
  2. statische erweiterte Seiten («Portrait», «Skills» und «References») (siehe «1.»)
  3. hervorhebung der externen Links an der «Sitebar»sidebar.php : line#130 … id="extlinx
  4. blog umbenennen in journalheader.php : line#81

Anyway: ich mach für heute schluss. // HarHarHar // Jetzt aber — Schluss hier … Essen & «Monk»

fast fertig

Update: das Portfolio «Graphic Design» und «Icon Design» ist schon zum Teil befüllt; «Graphic Design» & «Digital Imaging» werden die Tage folgen …

The portfolio «graphic design» and «icon design» is already installed and filled; «graphic design» & «digital imaging» will follow the next days …

Need design? — Hire me!

Icons? Logos? Business Cards? Letterheads? Websites?

Relaunch yourself! — Contact me! I’m happily at your service. For money.

Time — not enough

Yesterday I started to create my first complete set of system replacement icons. For Mac OS X. I also started to finish the preparation of my website. I think my timetable speaks of releasing the site for end of september. Including download area, portfolios and more to read. Two of my fresh icons are here to say «Hello world!».

(Did I mention it? The graphics are copyrighted. Don’t steal them!)

from qubee to k2ice

ok, kann es nicht mehr leugnen: «k2» hat’s mir angetan. «The sequel in spirit to Kubrick — developed by Michael Heilemann with help from Chris J. Davis» ist meine neue basis. natürlich angepasst, neu «tapeziert» und «gestrichen». typo (schrift) von Lucida Grande (Mac)/Century Gothic (Win) auf Georgia umgebaut, spaltenbreite veringert und rand erweitert, header geschaffen und schatten an den rändern eingebaut, menu gehübscht und noch ein paar größere und kleinere «dinge» verändert. aber was ist mit «qubee»? das war meine änderung an «kubrick».

ok — I can’t lie: «k2» rocks and it’s my new «base». «The sequel in spirit to Kubrick — developed by Michael Heilemann with help from Chris J. Davis». well, sure I did a makeover. I changed the font from Lucida Grande (Mac)/Century Gothic (Win) to Georgia, made the main column more narrow, sweeten the menu, put on the sides small shadows, and here and there I changed a bit. but what’s about «qubee»? that was my old makeover of «kubrick».