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UPDATE 2006.12.31: I didn’t changed my plans: aKua will be ready-made (very quick) WHEN K2 goes final. I don’t know any arrival dates – and I asked without getting any answer Michael H. a while ago. I had to keep in mind that K2 is NOT a commercial project; so the guys behind are doing it in their sparetime. A year ago Michael wrote that K2 goes final or RC in end of 2005 (!). One year later still no final version. ummpphh. One day it will be there. Never loose hope. May the force be with you.

UPDATE 2006.09.12: I gonna release aKua after K2 goes final (1.0), really.

UPDATE 2006.04.03: Because my “in-development” k2 style aKua was ripped i decided to close all my dev areas for public access. sorry.

few days ago, now officially: WordPress Dev. Blog › WordPress 2

and while this year ends in about 21 hours:

K2 beta2 r148 is released; just a few minutes ago!

and now the happy testing begins:

  • plant // Update: restyled and renamed to aKua
  • snow

and still to go from wp 1.5.2/k2r125 to wp 2.0.x/k2r148 k2r153 k2r156k2r163:

i need more time! really!

which browser on mac?

«[…] sick of “web 2.0” applications/companies /websites not working in Safari. […]»

Either Support Safari, Or Lose Customers

I agree — but still in WordPress Admin/Backend I (don’t) miss the «format» buttons. I don’t miss the buttons because i know how to format with markup-tags — and I use Safari because of the bookmarks and the UI (don’t forget the plug-ins like Stand or Saft!). Safari feels much better than Firefox (which feels a little like windows) — maybe camino would be an alternative browser. But every time I tried a different browser than safari I returned — happy to use that app again.

when I do web dev I use both, Safari AND Firefox — just to be on the safe side.

amazing live(!) resizing of objects

while i was reading a micro tree (binarybonsai)i stopped immediatly and followed the link michael was talking about … and it’s something very special: live resizing with a slider, javascript using, working with objects — in this case photos — i never have seen before. take a look. it’s really great. maybe i try to implement this into my journal or site.


«[…] Die Rede ist hier von einer kompletten deutschsprachigen WordPress-Installation. Eine ohne wenn und aber.

[…] keine aufgeblasene Pimp-, sondern vielmehr eine möglichst fehlerfreie und saubere PureVersion. […]»

zu finden bei: Kylaloo » WordPressus Teutonicus

ich bleibe aber trotzdem — erstmal — bei der englischen Original Version. Gibt für mich trotzdem genug anzupassen ohne auch noch ein Blick auf die Sprache werfen zu müssen: meine Modifikationen und Veränderungen des K2 Themes zum Beispiel.

tweaked today: admin menu

I stopped reading my news — RSS-feeds — when I read that Denis de Bernardy (semiologic) released his new WP-Plugin called «Admin Menu». Wow! Really nice thing. I installed it right away and dont’t wanna miss it. But when i stared at it I realized that it’s maybe a little to far off the design of my site and not really close to any GUI at the OS I run on my computer: Mac OS X (10.4). Besides that it’s to «massive» for my needs in my opinion.

Anyway, I decided to tweak it a little: changing color, background, font-size, position and trying to get an opacity which is maybe supported in css3 but only poor in css2. finally it worked very good in Safari 2.0.2 (416.12) and Firefox 1.0.7— I didn’t test it w/ IE yet.

(original version)

(tweaked version)

(tweaked version, scrolling)


a few thousand …

SF Cover Explorer – a few thousand science fiction covers = «[…] an experimental image-browsing interface by jim bumgardner, of krazydad.com […]»

now this site is minted

mmmh, yummy. it’s a pleasure to see who, when, with what and where from all my visitors com. i love mint!

Rendered Source


  • Creates a Colorful Chart of a Webpage’s Rendered Source Code
  • Displays Dynamically Generated HTML and Static HTML Together
  • Removes JavaScript Code, Displays JavaScript Output
  • Works Superbly as a Visual Aid in Learning Environments

more: View Rendered Source Chart (Firefox Extension)


«What in the world is Pingoat? — Pingoat is a service that pings or notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, you let the services know that your blog has been updated and hence, hey crawl and index your site, publishing your blog contents, thus increasing your blog’s popularity.»

Pingoat – The stable of all pings