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must have : css widget

That widget for the Dashboard of 10.4 is a must have for web devs:
«The SeeSS Widget is a quick and handy reference sheet for 140 CSS (1, 2 & 3) properties (proprietary extensions are not included). Each property includes information on its inheritance, CSS compliancy, Safari support, all values (including defaults), some examples and an extensive description. A link to the appropriate W3.org pages is included as well, for even more additional information.»

SeeSS – Dashboard – Reference

SVG (The Tao of Mac)

«Scalable Vector Graphics, a resolution-independent graphics format based on XML that is becoming all the rage because people finally figured out that scaling bitmaps gives funky results.»

The Tao of Mac – SVG : There you can follow useful links to resources and cliparts!

Meaningful XHTML

The Elements of Meaningful XHTML

Top 10 Web Design Mistakes

  1. Legibility Problems
  2. Non-Standard Links
  3. Flash
  4. Content That’s Not Written for the Web
  5. Bad Search
  6. Browser Incompatibility
  7. Cumbersome Forms
  8. No Contact Information […]
  9. Frozen Layouts […]
  10. Inadequate Photo Enlargement

en detail: Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005 (Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox)

Search Engine Ranking Factors

SEOmoz | Search Engine Ranking Factors

The Tao of Mac – Ajax

Link collection for AJAX: The Tao of Mac – Ajax

grrr! error!

Sorry, from time to time — when I try to switch «themes» from «k2b1r77» to «k2b1r90» — I receive a «Fatal Error»

Example needed? Here we go: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare k2info() (previously declared in /kunden/guerrillaz.net/websites/bureaublumenberg/journal/wp-content/themes/k2/k2options.php:11) in /kunden/guerrillaz.net/websites/bureaublumenberg/journal/wp-content/themes/k2betaoner-73/k2options.php on line 11

gobang mini

MiniPosts Plugin for WordPress here: you go!

thank god kimili

Yesterday — after fighting with the matters of sizes and colors of SimpleViewer — I dealt with the idea to get rid of the «static» pages — holding parts of about and all of the portfolios. I realized I had to go too deep into the WP template-structure to have a working portfolio implementation — because of the flash-based functions of the nice SimpleViewer. So it was time to dig a little and to do some research. And there it was. Bingo! A WP plug-in called Kimli Flash Embed. And after putting «1 + 1 = 2» together — don’t forget to define inside the kml_flashembed-tag the absolute path to the «gallery» XML-file like fvars="xmlDataPath = http://yoursite.com/gallery/imageData.xml" plus the absolute pathname to «images» and «thumbs» in the imageData.xml inside the gallery-folder of the SimpleViewer-installation — it’s working! No static pages at all!

And now I have plenty of ideas to build WP galleries which are remotely get triggered and filled by mobile devices eg. phones with integrated cameras.

Anyway, my portfolios are waiting for food — I got to go now. And. Do. Some. More. Work.

Stop! Pause!

Da es zu Problemen bei der Suchfunktion kam — sämtliche durch die Suche erzeugten «Seiten» beinhalteten nichtklickbare Links — war es unumgänglich das Update für K2 aufzuspielen : K2 beta 1 release 73.


  • Offensichtlich liefert die Suche jetzt «nutzbare» Ergebnisse.


Da ich es nicht lassen konnte direkt am «Theme» sind jetzt folgende Funktion nicht verfügbar:

  1. Portfolios sind wieder verfügbar; JavaScript wieder eingebaut ‣ header.php : line#53 … openwindow.js
  2. statische erweiterte Seiten («Portrait», «Skills» und «References») (siehe «1.»)
  3. hervorhebung der externen Links an der «Sitebar»sidebar.php : line#130 … id="extlinx
  4. blog umbenennen in journalheader.php : line#81

Anyway: ich mach für heute schluss. // HarHarHar // Jetzt aber — Schluss hier … Essen & «Monk»