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erreicht mich von Ben (metamac).

and here we go:

aus : 23|5

«und nebenbei kämpfe ich noch mit einer python namens css.»

so denn; mein stöckchen reiche ich dann weiter an

Johnny vom Spreeblick-Imperium, weil ich mich immer wieder dabei ertappe mir zu wünschen schreiben zu können wie er, auch an Timo, einfach weil mir sein Blog-Design gefällt, sowie an

Thomas, weil ich mich über den heutigen «BND» (Buy-Nothing-Day) Beitrag gefreut habe — und nicht zu vergessen an:

guymon, weil ich sein Blog ebenso als feed abonniert habe.

und des Stöckchens Regeln:

  • Ab ins Archiv
  • Finde den 23ten Artikel, den Du geschrieben hast
  • Finde den 5ten Satz, poste ihn und reiche das Stöckchen weiter an soviele Leute wie du willst, multipliziert mit deiner Glückszahl und addiert mit 24.

spare time while you have a cold …

// Anne, «may the force be with you.»

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To Read:

i’m not alone!

I don’t share his view on some topics but I read his blog a lot. The Shape of Days. his style is quiet good. anyway, we share something today: flood of ilogical e-mails to .mac-accounts. like with the subject «you visit illegal websites» (here is a entry about these «legends», found at urbanlegends or go straight to the press release of the fbi). take a look and read his entry about e-mails from «official» senders like the fbi or cia.

maybe he received also e-mails with following subjects:

  • «Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie»
  • «hi, ive a new mail address»
  • «Your Password»
  • «smtp mail failed»
  • «Mail delivery failed»
  • «Registration_Confirmation»

quote from a fbi press release:

«For Immediate Release | Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Washington D.C. | FBI National Press Office


E-mails purporting to come from FBI are phony

Washington, D.C. – The FBI is warning the public to avoid falling victim to an on-going mass e-mail scheme wherein computer users received unsolicited e-mails purportedly sent by the FBI. These scam e-mails tell the recipients that their Internet use has been monitored by the FBI and that they have accessed illegal web sites. The e-mails then direct recipients to open an attachment and answer questions.

The e-mail appears to be sent from the e-mail addresses of mail@fbi.gov, post@fib.gov and admin@fbi.gov. There may be other similarly styled addresses. The recipient is enticed to open the zip attachment which contains a variant of the w32/sober virus. If the program within the zip attachment is executed then the virus is launched and my effect the user’s computer.


These e-mails did not come from the FBI. Recipients of this or similar solicitations should know that the FBI does not engage in the practice of sending unsolicited e-mails to the public in this manner.

Opening e-mail attachments from an unknown sender is a risky and dangerous endeavor as such attachments frequently contain viruses that can infect the recipient’s computer. The FBI strongly encourages computer users not to open such attachments. For detailed information on the effects of running this virus please log onto http://www.cert.org.

The FBI takes this matter seriously and is investigating. While the address and phone number for the FBI is correct in the email, users receiving e-mails of this nature are encouraged to report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center via http://www.ic3.gov

it’s so stupid to send these e-mails to .mac-accounts: it’s a «deadend» — we couldn’t be harmed by a virus and our e-mail apps ignoring any trojan or other harmful e-mails. they knock at our doors and die in our «house». that’s it.

spam flood to .mac

ok, irgendetwas läuft krumm. werde gerade mit spam überschüttet — aber ausschliesslich an den .mac-account. vermeintliche absender: yahoo, aol, hotmail, cia, fbi … drekk!

illegal : Harhar

Wenn das Postfach keinmal klingelt — oder: leider gibt’s wohl andere die das glauben würden:

Update: Anscheinend ist heute mein großer Tag: würde ich Windows benutzen, wäre ich am verzweifeln. Wer macht diesen Mist?

NYC2123 — part 3

I said it before, I say it again: absolutely worth every single pixel/vector: NYC2123

a history

just returned from the movie theatre — watched «a history of violence»; the new david cronenberg. besides it was the first film from him i really enjoyed, i was surprised about the absence of speed. it flows from A to Z with no speed at all. great actors. great movie. i hope the graphic novel by john wagner – the movie is based on — is also great. i have to check this out.

(late night, testing the blog-function of «Flock»)


testing the new «social» browser called «Flock». for a developer version it’s a cool cat — the integration of the blogging function is easy and very handy. and there was a surprise: I was asked to «Join the WordPress Flock» @ WordPress.com! — the also brand new blog service for people without their own server/hoster/database/php/whatever box (the famous maker of the «installable» blog solution «WordPress»). but you need an invitation — if you don’t use «Flock».
back to the topic. this new browser on the block is fast. really fast. it feels a little like «Firefox», well, it’s based on «Firefox». it’s the skeleton of «Flock». i still have to test if it could be a replacement for … — I don’t know. using «Safari» for my everyday web wandering. «Firefox» for web dev. «NetNewsWire» for my news RSS. but hey, who knows …

a few thousand …

SF Cover Explorer – a few thousand science fiction covers = «[…] an experimental image-browsing interface by jim bumgardner, of krazydad.com […]»


Another «Online Photo Sharing» service like Flickr (now owned by Yahoo) — well, let us see what happen next. Maybe they get bought by Google. Anyway, the service looks nice and the usability is very good. It’s still beta but full functional. Take a look at Shutterbook and decide for yourself.