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The spinning World

Whoooha! DAS lässt meinen Tag wunderbar anfangen. Danke Robert (und Jona)! Jetzt kann nichts mehr meinen Tag versauen.

Whoooha! THAT starts my day very well. Thanks Robert (and Jona)! Nothing can come to make today a bad day now.

final fonttool

final version of Linotype FontExplorer X released today.

If you’re on Mac and want to manage some (more) fonts: go get it.

It replaced Suitcase and FontAgent on my Computer. Month ago. It’s free and I don’t think that Extensis can win with SuitcaseFusion against a competitor with a lifelong knowledge of fonts and a product which is rock-solid. No crashes for 5 months.

writely to google, next in line …

Thumbstacks.com! is Powerpoint or Keynote for the web. build presentations online and share them via the net. but don’t forget: it’s still an alpha-version. don’t cry if something breaks. i’ll test it in-deep the next days … and maybe report back.

how to get the file down

Update no. 2: I was asked if it’s possible to do the «on-the-fly» editing of the page-source without Safari, eg. if you’re on a non Mac OS X system. Yes, it’s easy like with safariStand. You need 2 things: Firefox and the Web Developer Extension. With this setup you only have to choose “Edit HTML” from the “Miscellaneous” menu from the Web Dev Toolbar and edit what you want to change (temporarly).

how to get the file downUpdate: I made a little how-to-step-by-step. Click in the image on the left to view a (readable) bigger size — but only if your browsers window viewport is at least 660px in height, if not: save the image to disk or open it in a new window. Sorry for that.

You just have to temporarly change in the source-code:

"[…] param name="KIOSKMODE" VALUE="true" […]"


"[…] param name="KIOSKMODE" VALUE="false" […]"


< embed name=" […] kioskmode="true" […]"


< embed name=" […] kioskmode="false" […]"

After you changed this and aplied it you will have the small triangle on the bottom right. Click there and choose "Save source" or "Save movie". That's it.

You can do this for example with Safari + SafariStand installed.
Of course, you need QT Pro to save the clip to disk.

a baseball bat for blog-poster

I am big and bold, Georgia in 18pt or pxl
(done w/ BlogThing)

Update: Blogthing is doing «fine» inline-style based postings: writing AND choosing your wished font/fontsize/fontcolor and bring it to your blog. For free.


oops. it’s vice-versa : BlogThing. 
Simple desktop post-to-blog software for free. Well, posted before via 2 or three other Dashboard-Mini-Apps. Or: straight via back-end of wordpress. I don’t mind at all. 
Maybe this app is a solution for some “I-ain’t-no-geek-but-wanna-have-a-blog” people 😉


UPDATE 2006.12.31: I didn’t changed my plans: aKua will be ready-made (very quick) WHEN K2 goes final. I don’t know any arrival dates – and I asked without getting any answer Michael H. a while ago. I had to keep in mind that K2 is NOT a commercial project; so the guys behind are doing it in their sparetime. A year ago Michael wrote that K2 goes final or RC in end of 2005 (!). One year later still no final version. ummpphh. One day it will be there. Never loose hope. May the force be with you.

UPDATE 2006.09.12: I gonna release aKua after K2 goes final (1.0), really.

UPDATE 2006.04.03: Because my “in-development” k2 style aKua was ripped i decided to close all my dev areas for public access. sorry.

few days ago, now officially: WordPress Dev. Blog › WordPress 2

and while this year ends in about 21 hours:

K2 beta2 r148 is released; just a few minutes ago!

and now the happy testing begins:

  • plant // Update: restyled and renamed to aKua
  • snow

and still to go from wp 1.5.2/k2r125 to wp 2.0.x/k2r148 k2r153 k2r156k2r163:

i need more time! really!

blogging inside firefox

post to your blog very easy with a firefox 1.5 extension. here you go …

Designers: How much to charge

this is really good if you need to value your work.CreativeGuy » Designers: How much to charge

amazing live(!) resizing of objects

while i was reading a micro tree (binarybonsai)i stopped immediatly and followed the link michael was talking about … and it’s something very special: live resizing with a slider, javascript using, working with objects — in this case photos — i never have seen before. take a look. it’s really great. maybe i try to implement this into my journal or site.