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the next TimeMachine

I’m waiting for Adobe and Microsoft to merge and create a product so inefficient it stops time.

–Yadin Flammer [via dilettante]

more than lol: lmao

There is fun in the world wide web. And some comic strips share the same subjects (more or less): nerds or geeks, IT specific humour and sometimes not so well to understand by not techIT-affine people. anyway: I’m laughing out loud (lol) and sometimes I’m laughing my ass of (lmao). It’s just a small overview and I’m more than sure that there must be more, out there in the open undiscovered space called internet.

Lets start with bLaugh:
Always use BCC

More simplistic, sometimes very hard to understand: xkcd:

And my newest discovery: Kopozky

P.S.: Don’t forget the classics: Joy of Tech by Nitrozac & Snaggy

Escher? Gonsalves!

stumbled upon it, took a look, smile, post:
to see more (37! paintings) go to haha.nu