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waiting is nearly over

while i hackle and tackle the new® virtual home and some other stuff: some live shots of a grrreat berlin based gang.

until then …

… you have to go somewhere else. i will re-launch this here for the “x” time. like pushing the reset button. maybe tomorrow. maybe on friday. maybe next week. definitely this month. just to be all new in may. plus some new projects.

over and out.

why today is no ordinary day

read on at my more private journal why today the day started like no day before. hah. and the thank you goes to beaucoup kevin.

this day gonna be a creative day. hell yes!

Johnny Rides

Aaahhh. Yes. I wrote a while ago about my favorite Rockabilly Band from Berlin – Lota Red.

Now, they have a very early song to download. «Johnny Rides», only released on vinyl until now, is ready to get downloaded only for a limited time: it ends July, 15th 2007.

Hurry, quick, run and get it: Lota Red.

native visual musician

self orchestrated:

beat into the box:

4 DJs 5 Turntables

C2C DMC team world champions 2003/2004/2005/(2006?)

und der dank geht an: nerdcore

from hell back to berlin – yeehaa!

2 weeks ago I visited a concert at the «Schleusenkrug». Bandname: «Lota Red». Style: Rock-A-Billy-Punk-Country-Folk. It was like a chainreaction. Bang. Boom. Bam. To make a long story short: Best first concert in 2007 for me. And a warm welcome back to my long lost favorite kind of music so I bought the CD «Close To The Sun» right away (follow the link and there will be the track clickable/playable).

Kick Ass’, Hellbent, Hotrodded, Glam-Rockabilly! Five guys from Berlin mixin’ their roots in ‘Rockabilly’ with influences from Country, Punk, Garage and anything else they can find to produce a sound that can only be described as ‘LOTA RED – The Big Noise From Berlin…

Lota Red at MySpace

Ay, they have gig next Saturday (21 Apr.) at the Pirate Cove / Tempelhofer Ufer 1, Berlin / doors open 9pm. Don’t miss it!

I like ilike

First I was happy with last.fm. It analyzes what I play via iTunes, makes musical suggestions, post my current playing song info to my blog (not working right now and I don’t know why. no time to check/fix it). anyway. the site/service itself is in my opinion not really a plus for me. no really new music for me. all of the suggestions I already knew and had mostly in my archive.


then there was light: iLike. early beta. web 2.0 (harhar). well, no API for putting the played tracks to a site (via rss or whatever), yet. maybe later? — but again: early beta (and if you take a look at the url not even a beta more a alpha). The best: musical suggestions to new music — more or less unknown artists — AND free (legal) downloadable mp3s. free. music. and the suggestions fit 90%. i like it. add the rss feature and I’ll love it.

UPDATE:My «What I’m listening to» is working again. Check it out, new music, unknown artists.

They made my day!

Morphcore. By accident I stumbled upon their site and their great tracks. Pure dope. They offer a bunch of mp3 to download and one very hard to play (at least on my Mac) but very good visual.

The spinning World

Whoooha! DAS lässt meinen Tag wunderbar anfangen. Danke Robert (und Jona)! Jetzt kann nichts mehr meinen Tag versauen.

Whoooha! THAT starts my day very well. Thanks Robert (and Jona)! Nothing can come to make today a bad day now.