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waiting is nearly over

while i hackle and tackle the new® virtual home and some other stuff: some live shots of a grrreat berlin based gang.

zero gravity

may is over and i’m still mentally away — while you wait:


(zero-g-boy: salomon / photography: daniela hansen)

Ah! Wow!

This is something for mmariam: «apres» by aqui-ali

some images

created w/: flickrSLiDR.

pixel panorama late night conversation


[playing w/ bad quality]

summer rain

yesterday evening. 30°C. rain. that was a nice shower.


(there is maybe a good alternative to flickr. it’s called zoooomr. I’ll test it and if there is no big hicup I will go a twoway strategy until I feel one is the right one. zooomr is younger — so maybe the avoid mistakes flickr did.)


started again with uploading my shots to flickr. so you have to head over to watch my sets like:

until I choose an appropriate way to present my photography. I’v still made no decision if I’ll present with SlideShowPro, SimpleViewer or “just” with Lightbox2. I’ve gotta go back to work now.