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aKua – new fishing grounds?

aKua version 0.01betaI updated the status about the release of aKua. Some day it will be launched.

And if you’re a PHP and WordPress guru who is interested in building a team: let me know. Maybe there is a time for something new. Comments open. Ready to rock’n’roll.

WordPress Hoster in Deutschland

Da mich immerwieder Freunde, Kollegen und Kunden fragen, welche Hoster ich empfehlen kann — unter dem Gesichtspunkt WordPress zu installieren oder sogar schon vorinstalliert zu haben — erstellte ich folgende Liste, mit Hostern bei den ich schon Erfahrung sammeln konnte und die ich empfehlen kann.

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hickups and other things

While I’m on the last few meters to the css reboot some links and or images maybe not working. sorry for that.

What I’ve done so far and what I have to do:

  • Big bad backup from the webspace (incl. database)
  • Tweaked my K2r125 style to work with WordPress 2.0.2 and K2r343
  • Updated my WordPress installation from v1.5.3 to v2.0.2
  • Checking right now the plugins
  • Doing the last few codings and customizations on my new css
  • Filling my portfolio pages with my design examples
  • Waiting for monday evening to inject my new style!


UPDATE 2006.12.31: I didn’t changed my plans: aKua will be ready-made (very quick) WHEN K2 goes final. I don’t know any arrival dates – and I asked without getting any answer Michael H. a while ago. I had to keep in mind that K2 is NOT a commercial project; so the guys behind are doing it in their sparetime. A year ago Michael wrote that K2 goes final or RC in end of 2005 (!). One year later still no final version. ummpphh. One day it will be there. Never loose hope. May the force be with you.

UPDATE 2006.09.12: I gonna release aKua after K2 goes final (1.0), really.

UPDATE 2006.04.03: Because my “in-development” k2 style aKua was ripped i decided to close all my dev areas for public access. sorry.

few days ago, now officially: WordPress Dev. Blog › WordPress 2

and while this year ends in about 21 hours:

K2 beta2 r148 is released; just a few minutes ago!

and now the happy testing begins:

  • plant // Update: restyled and renamed to aKua
  • snow

and still to go from wp 1.5.2/k2r125 to wp 2.0.x/k2r148 k2r153 k2r156k2r163:

i need more time! really!


testing the new «social» browser called «Flock». for a developer version it’s a cool cat — the integration of the blogging function is easy and very handy. and there was a surprise: I was asked to «Join the WordPress Flock» @ WordPress.com! — the also brand new blog service for people without their own server/hoster/database/php/whatever box (the famous maker of the «installable» blog solution «WordPress»). but you need an invitation — if you don’t use «Flock».
back to the topic. this new browser on the block is fast. really fast. it feels a little like «Firefox», well, it’s based on «Firefox». it’s the skeleton of «Flock». i still have to test if it could be a replacement for … — I don’t know. using «Safari» for my everyday web wandering. «Firefox» for web dev. «NetNewsWire» for my news RSS. but hey, who knows …

Extended WordPress

Michael Angeles talks in «Extending WordPress for better site publishing» about the things he done for two sites to establish WordPress as a mini-CMS… read his article to understand what’s possible and what to do.