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alive! alive? alive!

yes, i’m alive. worked hard. did a wedding “corporate” design (early examples at f.), some (re-)design (champions-world), some blog design (katharina suckale, online very soon), a printed portfolio for sk74, consulting and preparation for a big re-design (secret). and still doing the planning for my own biggest projects: one w/ words and one w/ images – but it’s a long way to go; numbers? around 200 and around 2500. curious? harhar!

besides the virtual world i did some woodwork: new desktop construction/extension and a monitor+macmini stand … photos: later.

footnote: ben, our time is august.

silence, not death

still kicking pixels. still moving bits and bytes. still things to do offline. still no time to get bigger entries done. still some drafts here, not finished. ’bout adobe, ’bout apple and ’bout the combination and power.

don’t forget the flickr incidents – and the exodus. should I stay or should I go?

besides that: finally I need to get my showroom filled, and my static pages into english (Ben, what about next week?).

short info what I do right now: 3 logos to build and at least three web-projects not finished nor ready to take off. time. click clack – too fast. it’s all about time.

sooner or later I’ll be back. hopefully sooner. arrgghh.

native berlin

jetzt ist es doch passiert: ich teile mich auf. I split myself. persönlicheres und mikrokulturelles native berlin. ganz alleine werde ich nicht dort sein: Salomon wird als erster dazukommen, hoffentlich später noch andere. einziges kriterium: «born native berlin»; d.h.? echte berliner. warum? darum!

native berlinwenn jetzt die frage aufkommt, was dort erscheinen soll: ganz einfach: das worauf ich/wir lust haben, ziemlich sicher aber aus’m echten leben. weniger blogosphäre. und gleich vorneweg: zählen braucht man uns nicht: auch wie hier wird’s nicht nur monolingual zugehen.

I split myself. from now on: more privat and microcultural stuff native berlin. Not alone: Salomon will join me there as the first co-author, more maybe later, hopefully. one and only rule: «born native berlin»; that means: real berliner. why? therefore!

for the question «what will be there? what “content”?» : what we like, what we think. more from the real life — less blogosphere. not monolingual. in german and english. you don’t have to count us.

still under construction

code under progressYep. Time is ticking. Ticking really fast. Site design not ready for prime time. Not even close. Too many missing bullet points. Missed GTD. Don’t wanna do a nightshift again. Not this night. Busy day tomorrow. Remember? re:publica. Conference ’bout web2.0, open source and social media in berlin, germany.

But I created an icon for «Code Under Contruction». You wanna get it? Download it? Here you go:

Icon license: This work is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND License and – if you use it on a website or in a non-commercial software – a link to my site BureauBlumenberg is mandatory.

New! Relaunch myself + updates!

Yeehaa! This site changed the style today – because I can. If something is not right aligned or behaves like a donkey I’ll say sorry. Maybe I gonna fix the bugs (or not).

  • New (static) text blurps. Better, shorter, straighter. Thanks to: jmi, cat and tania.
  • Sadly sorry: The static pages (About, Service, Showroom) and their subpages are now only in german until I’ll get someone who can translate the new text pieces. Ben? Are you listening? I can’t offer money BUT in exchange for a good translation I could offer some design work or help w/ blog setup or css/theme makeover. Or mac support. Or good music tips. Or a delicious dinner.
  • New pages like Kulturprogramm will give you updates what I read, listen to and watch on dvd or at the movies.
  • My Toolbox will be relaunched very soon. Same with the FAQs.
  • Starting over the Showroom (replaces the portfolio); more updates very soon.
  • Two little (secret) projects will be presented very soon. I’m still working on them so I have to shut up for now. But two words to keep you checking my site frequently: artist and writings.

Other updates:

  • Tomorrow starts the re:publica, a german conference about blogging, web-two-oh, open source and other nerdy stuff; I’ll be there.
  • It seems there will be no aKua theme for K2. Why? Well, no real progress on the K2 develepment front, still stuck before a final 1.0 version. But, someone did a really great theme. 100% mac-like, unbeatable, ajaxified, widgetized, drag’n’dropable, leading “i”: iTheme 1.0 by Nick La.
  • I’m still looking for someone w/ very good PHP, ajax and WordPress skills who is interested in developing one or more themes for WordPress w/ me.

Who shot first?

«Han Solo is on trial for the infamous murder of Greedo in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Throughout this trial the prosecution and defense provide evidence, counter-evidence, and double counter-evidence drawn from the 1977, 1997, and 2004 releases of the movie, in which the events in question are represented in three distinct ways. […]» (at video.google)

Mint updated

My favorite web statistic tool — winner over google analytics and the performancing blog stats — takes a step forward: version number 2.0 is released today. I upgraded for $19. Maybe I update my installation this afternoon to see what really changed and what is improved or new.

«Mint is an extensible web site analytics program. Its interface is an exercise in simplicity. Visits, referrers, popular pages and searches can all be taken in at a glance on Mint’s flexible dashboard. […] Have a mint.»

aKua – new fishing grounds?

aKua version 0.01betaI updated the status about the release of aKua. Some day it will be launched.

And if you’re a PHP and WordPress guru who is interested in building a team: let me know. Maybe there is a time for something new. Comments open. Ready to rock’n’roll.

more than lol: lmao

There is fun in the world wide web. And some comic strips share the same subjects (more or less): nerds or geeks, IT specific humour and sometimes not so well to understand by not techIT-affine people. anyway: I’m laughing out loud (lol) and sometimes I’m laughing my ass of (lmao). It’s just a small overview and I’m more than sure that there must be more, out there in the open undiscovered space called internet.

Lets start with bLaugh:
Always use BCC

More simplistic, sometimes very hard to understand: xkcd:

And my newest discovery: Kopozky

P.S.: Don’t forget the classics: Joy of Tech by Nitrozac & Snaggy

I like ilike

First I was happy with last.fm. It analyzes what I play via iTunes, makes musical suggestions, post my current playing song info to my blog (not working right now and I don’t know why. no time to check/fix it). anyway. the site/service itself is in my opinion not really a plus for me. no really new music for me. all of the suggestions I already knew and had mostly in my archive.


then there was light: iLike. early beta. web 2.0 (harhar). well, no API for putting the played tracks to a site (via rss or whatever), yet. maybe later? — but again: early beta (and if you take a look at the url not even a beta more a alpha). The best: musical suggestions to new music — more or less unknown artists — AND free (legal) downloadable mp3s. free. music. and the suggestions fit 90%. i like it. add the rss feature and I’ll love it.

UPDATE:My «What I’m listening to» is working again. Check it out, new music, unknown artists.