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the world according to xkcd

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the world according to xkcd

brought to you by xkcd

May the force be with you, NOT!

I Followed the Corellian Smuggler (who tried to hide because of this Kaminoan Bounty Hunter) …

Did the test to try to become Boba Fett — but the dark side of the force was too strong, so I’m the Dark Lord now!

Who shot first?

«Han Solo is on trial for the infamous murder of Greedo in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Throughout this trial the prosecution and defense provide evidence, counter-evidence, and double counter-evidence drawn from the 1977, 1997, and 2004 releases of the movie, in which the events in question are represented in three distinct ways. […]» (at video.google)

more than lol: lmao

There is fun in the world wide web. And some comic strips share the same subjects (more or less): nerds or geeks, IT specific humour and sometimes not so well to understand by not techIT-affine people. anyway: I’m laughing out loud (lol) and sometimes I’m laughing my ass of (lmao). It’s just a small overview and I’m more than sure that there must be more, out there in the open undiscovered space called internet.

Lets start with bLaugh:
Always use BCC

More simplistic, sometimes very hard to understand: xkcd:

And my newest discovery: Kopozky

P.S.: Don’t forget the classics: Joy of Tech by Nitrozac & Snaggy