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Die Abkürzung

[…] Eine Kategorisierung durch tags ist eine kognitive Meisterleistung, als auch eine “Abkürzung” des Gedankenprozesses. […]

und wer mehr wissen möchte gehe bitte direkt zu Hasematzel

Thank you Toru!

Before I gonna start to create a page where others say something about my work or site I have to thank Toru:

« 少し和風っぽいデザインで気になった3つの内の1つ。全体のデザインもシンプルだし、ナビゲーションの線なんかは面白いと思います。でもそれ以上に好きなのはロゴです。ドイツの方のようなので、どう言ったコンセプトでこうなったかはしりませんが、「富士山+桜」っぽいのが妙に気になる。 »

After asking him about a translation he wrote an extended (english) version:

«[…] there were 3 sites which caught my eyes. BureauBlumberg was one of them. First of all, I like the simple look, with its focus on content. Secondry, I think the use of verticle line above the navigation menu is a very interesting way to solve that space above the main content. I couldn’t think a way myself to solve that space, but to insert a photo or a picture. Lastly, and its actually my favourite, is the site logo!

I am not sure whether you meant it or not, but I feel that this logo gives a slight Japanese, or Oriental feel to the site. To me, the logo looks like three cherry blossoms, with Mt. Fuji on the background. The dark red color helps also. If there wasn’t this logo, or if it was more like your “CSS Rebooted 2006″ logo, I would get a different impression: good and simple design. Perhaps its a good example, when talking about the importance of the site logo. Would look great on the back of the T-shirt too, I think.

I am wondering whether you had “Japan” in your concept, when you re-designed the site?

In summary, I like the good simple design. The good choice of color and excellent logo design is an effective way to create an impression, but with keeping the overall simple look.»

Thank you Toru — 有難う。