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native visual musician

self orchestrated:

beat into the box:

May the force be with you, NOT!

I Followed the Corellian Smuggler (who tried to hide because of this Kaminoan Bounty Hunter) …

Did the test to try to become Boba Fett — but the dark side of the force was too strong, so I’m the Dark Lord now!

Who shot first?

«Han Solo is on trial for the infamous murder of Greedo in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Throughout this trial the prosecution and defense provide evidence, counter-evidence, and double counter-evidence drawn from the 1977, 1997, and 2004 releases of the movie, in which the events in question are represented in three distinct ways. […]» (at video.google)

to tell you this tale

remember Nightmare before Christmas? Well, it’s animated too but totally different set. I hope you have a fast internet connection because the file weights about 70 MB. Absolutely worth every byte. Great. Superb. Got to go now, have to watch it again.
The Tale of How

site: The Blackheart Gang

direct download/watch: The Tale Of How

dank an / thanks to : Videotheke.

When Yoda meets Gandalf

Mashup popculture – no more words needed besides from the VJ:

«These cultural entities, two of the biggest juggernauts of global propaganda, share similar plots, soundtracks, characters, creatures and actors […]».

To read more about the mashup concept and/or to grab a hires version (quicktime needed) just go to misshapenfeatures.

(first noticed on BoingBoing)

The spinning World

Whoooha! DAS lässt meinen Tag wunderbar anfangen. Danke Robert (und Jona)! Jetzt kann nichts mehr meinen Tag versauen.

Whoooha! THAT starts my day very well. Thanks Robert (and Jona)! Nothing can come to make today a bad day now.

It hit me right in the head

Regulary I read my news via NetNewsWire (RSS-Reader). Yesterday I stumbled about a short header at BinaryBonsai: «90 degrees». Not much more, just link to a QT clip. I followed the link, loaded the first few seconds and then decided to get the file loaded to my disk.
This morning I watched the loaded clip and BOOM! Best animated short I ever watched. Pure drama, best supporting soundtrack. Just amazing. Maybe it’s time for you to check the clip. Around 70MB to load but worth every loaded byte. Go here to get loaded!

a history

just returned from the movie theatre — watched «a history of violence»; the new david cronenberg. besides it was the first film from him i really enjoyed, i was surprised about the absence of speed. it flows from A to Z with no speed at all. great actors. great movie. i hope the graphic novel by john wagner – the movie is based on — is also great. i have to check this out.

(late night, testing the blog-function of «Flock»)

For the J

I hope you read my journal, J. Today I read this very interesting entry at BoingBoing:
This gallery of clips from Eastern Europe’s stop-motion animation masters is engrossing and delightful, featuring such filmmakers as Trnka and Zeman.

I visited the site and was happily surprised to find great animations, old and new. Go there and check it out: darkstrider.

via: Boing Boing: Vintage Eastern European stop-motion animation clips

sin and the city

Boom! Black and white and red and blue and yellow hi-styled super crisp and smooth pulp-like movie based on one of the best graphic novels ever written and drawn: «Sin City»! Great actors, great monologues and dialogues. Superb entertainment that rocks. Go and watch that damn movie — and please: original version (not dubbed) or you gonna miss the great voices of Michael Madsen and Mickey Rourke!