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well, i said …

… soon. time. tick tack tick tack … while you’re waiting for an all new® and funky BureauBlumenberg site — go elsewhere to see my output: shot some pixel clusters and did some «notes-and-heys».

bring me luck, bug


waiting is nearly over

while i hackle and tackle the new® virtual home and some other stuff: some live shots of a grrreat berlin based gang.


today the postman delivered something. more about in a week or so.


by the way …

… reset and restart soon. really.

Bitte weitergehen

… hier gibt’s (noch) nichts neues. Bitte weitergehen.


anne asks:

..somehow everybody lost his blogging energy – what about you?

nope, not at all. while i’m preparing my return to the blogging world — only my aspiration for an up-to-date WordPress and my wish for a visual restart keeps me away and my goal to do the restart w/ a big bang, starting 3 new side projects — i’ll communicate w/ the binary world w/ little shout outs by my little blue bird:

yay! october is pretty close and i’m not nearly ready. 3 of 4 to go. white rabbit said it right: “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”

how long you have to wait for it? I don’t know. time will tell.


Since I decided to do a reconstruction of this place here I thought it would maybe a good idea to start to give access to my archived work. While I’m working on a concept you could take a look at these slideshows:

(to be continued…)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



zero gravity

may is over and i’m still mentally away — while you wait:


(zero-g-boy: salomon / photography: daniela hansen)

may is here and i’m not

i know, i know — late i am. but the pollen and a weekly returning cold are holding me back from doing my work. battery is at around 50 percent.


until then …

… you have to go somewhere else. i will re-launch this here for the “x” time. like pushing the reset button. maybe tomorrow. maybe on friday. maybe next week. definitely this month. just to be all new in may. plus some new projects.

over and out.