testing the new «social» browser called «Flock». for a developer version it’s a cool cat — the integration of the blogging function is easy and very handy. and there was a surprise: I was asked to «Join the WordPress Flock» @ WordPress.com! — the also brand new blog service for people without their own server/hoster/database/php/whatever box (the famous maker of the «installable» blog solution «WordPress»). but you need an invitation — if you don’t use «Flock».
back to the topic. this new browser on the block is fast. really fast. it feels a little like «Firefox», well, it’s based on «Firefox». it’s the skeleton of «Flock». i still have to test if it could be a replacement for … — I don’t know. using «Safari» for my everyday web wandering. «Firefox» for web dev. «NetNewsWire» for my news RSS. but hey, who knows …

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