Not in my name (spam)

Today at 10.10 it started. I received hundreds of “Delivery Failure” e-mails. I talked to my hoster and he told me about:

[…] joe job […] is a spam attack using spoofed sender data and aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the apparent sender and/or induce the recipients to take action against him (see also e-mail spoofing). […]Joe jobs usually look like normal spam, although they might also disguise themselves as other types of scams or even as legitimate (but misdirected) messages. […] They usually forge “from” addresses and email headers so that angry replies are directed to the victim. […]

Today, false headers are used by many viruses or spambots, and are selected in a random or automated way, so it is possible for someone to be Joe Jobbed without any human intent or intervention. […]


(2007.08.24 @ 14.13) and now in german:

Als Joe-Job bezeichnet man E-Mails mit gefälschtem Absender, die auf eine Person oder Institution verweisen, die damit diskreditiert werden soll. Häufig handelt es sich dabei um so genannten Spam, […] Den meisten Computeranwendern ist nicht bewusst, dass der Absender, der in einer E-Mail eingetragen ist, durch beliebige Einträge ersetzt werden kann, was auch Spammer ausnutzen, um ihre Identität zu verbergen.


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