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damn. kicked myself.

2 days ago I realized that someone hotlinked (stole) one of my pictures. to stop that I made the mistake to mess with my htaccess. kaboom! all over my own site for at least 24 hours!


but i realized it too late – some minutes ago! that’s it. sorry.

why today is no ordinary day

read on at my more private journal why today the day started like no day before. hah. and the thank you goes to beaucoup kevin.

this day gonna be a creative day. hell yes!

it’s time …

… to close the window, when you think about getting some gloves while you typing on the keyboard.

year by year …

… they are going to make some music. same place. this time you have to go here to get the complete info.

special delivery!

… for my Crema SL70. THE perfect coffee beans. roasted, handmade labels (!) and send as a special delivery to us. Thanks! That was quiet a very positive surprise today. My love will be happy tonite when she’s back from work — and i think she’ll brew one late night. Where to get the coffee beans?!


kill. the. dock.

you need the terminal for getting rid of the 3D:

defaults write no-glass -boolean YES; killall Dock

found it at ShaunInman .

btw.: if you want that as an on/off switch: there is an app at eternal storms, called 2DOrNot2D.

finally …

… the royal mail delivered. yesterday evening it hits my door. my macbook new suit. designed and handmade by the talented TillyMoss. and it fits. perfect. the waiting worth. thanks!

new outfit …

… for my MacBook:

custom MacSac

just ordered. custom made for me. called MacSac. british handmade vintage inspired gifts by TillyMoss. yehaa! a follow up and a quality review in a week – when the package hits my door and my MacBook jumps into the new clothes. time, run faster! can’t wait!

the next TimeMachine

I’m waiting for Adobe and Microsoft to merge and create a product so inefficient it stops time.

–Yadin Flammer [via dilettante]

Ah! Wow!

This is something for mmariam: «apres» by aqui-ali