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started again with uploading my shots to flickr. so you have to head over to watch my sets like:

until I choose an appropriate way to present my photography. I’v still made no decision if I’ll present with SlideShowPro, SimpleViewer or “just” with Lightbox2. I’ve gotta go back to work now.

This Way!

TextmateYesterday I found that great solution to post to my blog via TextMate. Today I watched the screencast (30 MB, QT). And guess what?

I’m very close to use it as my standard way to access my blogs.

Lets try to post an image … Just drag’n’drop an image onto the TextMate window and this shows up:

Tm Upload

No need for a ftp-uploader or the wp-backend uploader or …

I think I start to get an idea what TextMate really is: The «Ubertool» for everything related to text — from simple config-files editing to creating markup or css, or in this case: feeding my blogs. (Lets count the days/weeks/months until I use BBEdit or Ecto again.)

another way

what the hell is this? I can fetch, edit and post entries via TextMate? I’ll give it a try now and post this — fetch and edit works (edited last post «lyrical schinken»).

Update: It works! Do I have to leave ecto? We’ll see …

lyrical schinken

I received some spam I really like — from the lyrical point of view:

«Your future, mixy-maxy […] through the night, and all so peaceful and still […] (To: personalchef@mac.com

«[…] and more on Premier Pharfmacy […]»

«[…] Liberty early thought signals […]»

From: Handbag D. Suwanee


When I stumbled upon HoudahSpot at MacZOT.com my first thought was: «I really love that catchy icon, I don’t care what the app is for — I wanna add that icon to my dock!».

After I downloaded that app for a try I knew it would be worth the money it cost. It’s a easy-to-use spotlight «frontend» or «input device». Feed your «what-I-search-for» to HoudahSpot — and it will come back with the results. easy 1-2-3. Really, I tried it and I found one big (huge, heavy) sound file I really missed (I searched by size).

Btw.: If you’re reading this on June 16-17, 2006 head over to MacZOT, you might be able to get a free or at least very price reduced copy of HoudahSpot.

happier happy tagging

Last week on friday I stumbled (again) upon a small application: WebnoteHappy. It’s a 1.0 version, and in this case it’s not a bad number. Most of the new apps don’t even get out of beta. I started testing this little apps just because of one(!) feature: import, edit and post del.icio.us bookmarks! Well, ok you can import/export your Safari and Firefox bookmarks as well.

I started using this app and missed one little function: to have a global shortcut — while in e.g. NetNewsWire or Safari — to post a link to del.icio.us. I started an e-mail conversation with the developer from WebnoteHappy, and he answered my questions very quick and helpful. And not even this: we started to talk about some improvements as well. To make it short: I think this app could be my next No. 1 in the category “needful things” (and I test a lot!). Btw.: there IS a global shortcut (cmd-shift-D) to get a floating entry/notes window!


  • notes
  • tags
  • del.icio.us support (share/unshare privat)
  • unique “links”
  • 30 days tryout
  • $ 24.95 USD/license
  • friendly developer
  • (more …)

Escher? Gonsalves!

stumbled upon it, took a look, smile, post:
to see more (37! paintings) go to haha.nu

Thank you Toru!

Before I gonna start to create a page where others say something about my work or site I have to thank Toru:

« 少し和風っぽいデザインで気になった3つの内の1つ。全体のデザインもシンプルだし、ナビゲーションの線なんかは面白いと思います。でもそれ以上に好きなのはロゴです。ドイツの方のようなので、どう言ったコンセプトでこうなったかはしりませんが、「富士山+桜」っぽいのが妙に気になる。 »

After asking him about a translation he wrote an extended (english) version:

«[…] there were 3 sites which caught my eyes. BureauBlumberg was one of them. First of all, I like the simple look, with its focus on content. Secondry, I think the use of verticle line above the navigation menu is a very interesting way to solve that space above the main content. I couldn’t think a way myself to solve that space, but to insert a photo or a picture. Lastly, and its actually my favourite, is the site logo!

I am not sure whether you meant it or not, but I feel that this logo gives a slight Japanese, or Oriental feel to the site. To me, the logo looks like three cherry blossoms, with Mt. Fuji on the background. The dark red color helps also. If there wasn’t this logo, or if it was more like your “CSS Rebooted 2006″ logo, I would get a different impression: good and simple design. Perhaps its a good example, when talking about the importance of the site logo. Would look great on the back of the T-shirt too, I think.

I am wondering whether you had “Japan” in your concept, when you re-designed the site?

In summary, I like the good simple design. The good choice of color and excellent logo design is an effective way to create an impression, but with keeping the overall simple look.»

Thank you Toru — 有難う。

When Yoda meets Gandalf

Mashup popculture – no more words needed besides from the VJ:

«These cultural entities, two of the biggest juggernauts of global propaganda, share similar plots, soundtracks, characters, creatures and actors […]».

To read more about the mashup concept and/or to grab a hires version (quicktime needed) just go to misshapenfeatures.

(first noticed on BoingBoing)


UPDATE 2006.12.31: I didn’t changed my plans: aKua will be ready-made (very quick) WHEN K2 goes final. I don’t know any arrival dates – and I asked without getting any answer Michael H. a while ago. I had to keep in mind that K2 is NOT a commercial project; so the guys behind are doing it in their sparetime. A year ago Michael wrote that K2 goes final or RC in end of 2005 (!). One year later still no final version. ummpphh. One day it will be there. Never loose hope. May the force be with you.

UPDATE 2006.09.12: I gonna release aKua after K2 goes final (1.0), really.

UPDATE 2006.04.03: Because my “in-development” k2 style aKua was ripped i decided to close all my dev areas for public access. sorry.

few days ago, now officially: WordPress Dev. Blog › WordPress 2

and while this year ends in about 21 hours:

K2 beta2 r148 is released; just a few minutes ago!

and now the happy testing begins:

  • plant // Update: restyled and renamed to aKua
  • snow

and still to go from wp 1.5.2/k2r125 to wp 2.0.x/k2r148 k2r153 k2r156k2r163:

i need more time! really!